Race route

Sunset Peak > Lantau Peak > Tai Mo Shan > Grassy Hill > Needle Hill >The Peak

Total distance: 100km
Total elevation: 7727m

Part 1

Start point → CP2 

Start point
Mui Wo, Lantau Island

CP1: Pak Kung Au - 8.8km
//Open: 0940 Close: 1130//

CP2: Tung Chung MTR - 12.2km (21km)
//Open: 1100 Close: 1500//

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Tung Chung to Lai King by MTR

Part 2

Lai King MTR → CP8

CP3: Pineapple Dam - 8.8km (29.8km)
//Open: 1220 Close: 1810//

CP4: Tai Mo Shan Road Gate - 8.5km (38.4km)
//Open: 1320 Close: 2040//

CP5: Grassy Hill - 9.6km (48km)
//Open: 1430 Close: 2330//

CP6: Tai Po Road - 8.6km (56.6km)
//Open: 1530 Close: 0200//

CP7: Tung Shan - 9.8km (66.4km)
//Open: 1640 Close: 0500//

CP8: Yau Tong MTR - 12.6km (79km)
//Open: 1810 Close: 0830//

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Yau Tong to North Point by MTR

Part 3

North Point MTR → Finish

CP9: Aberdeen Reservoir - 12km (91km)
//Open: 1950 Close:1220//

Finish point - 9km (100km)
Peak Road Garden, The Peak

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